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Sealcoating Asphalt Tampa by Florida Asphalt Solutions is an important part of keeping your asphalt parking lots looking like new. Florida Sealcoating Asphalt TampaAsphalt Solutions prides itself on providing you with asphalt that looks like new after it’s seal-coated. When asphalt is sealed correctly, you’ll get years of service before you need to reseal your parking lot in Tampa.

The Importance of Asphalt Sealcoating in Tampa

Asphalt Sealcoating in Tampa will give you three times as much service when your Asphalt parking lot is Sealed properly and today we’ll start with an explanation of why and when you need to seal your asphalt asphalt and why. As soon as asphalt pavement is laid and the asphalt starts to cool, asphalt begins to age. Oil, gas, water and other chemicals that come from trucks in your parking lot causes your asphalt parking lot to become brittle and hard and loose its ability to expand and contract.

Asphalt paving begins to crack and the deterioration of the asphalt binder (the material that holds the asphalt together) begins to fall apart. If the asphalt is not resealed on a timely basis, you’ll have an unsightly parking lot with hazardous layers of loose stone which was part of the original asphalt.

Choose a Licensed Paving Contractor in Tampa

Make sure you use a Licensed Paving Contractor in Tampa you can’t afford mistakes. Our extreme heat and intense sun and hot temperatures will speed up the deterioration of asphalt parking lots, so making sure your sealcoating is done right is very important.

Unsealed Asphalt Paving Risks

Unsealed asphalt paving is the single biggest threat to any asphalt parking lot: (rain and other things like sprinklers) penetrating the top layer and slowly eroding the base underneath the asphalt begins to oxidize the asphalt binder inside the asphalt pavement as we mentioned above.

Sealcoating Asphalt Tampa - Florida Asphalt Solutions

Florida Asphalt Solutions uses a special dense asphalt seal mix that will not oxidize as fast in our extreme temperature swings during the summer and winter and we also use more than one thick layer of asphalt pavement sealer that will give you many more years of service than a small thin layer.

Effects of Leaking Vehicles on Asphalt

Cars and trucks will always leak gasoline and leak oil, which always softens the asphalt parking lot and will eventually cause the asphalt to breakdown if not sealed properly.

Cold Temperatures and Asphalt

Cold temperatures in Florida are not a big a problem as in northern states but the asphalt still dries out in our cold weather and this is one of the main causes of cracks in the asphalt and sealing your asphalt alleviates this problem.

The Benefits of Regular Sealcoating

Sealcoating asphalt parking lots on a regular basis will remedy all of the problems we’ve talked about today, which ensures a long life for your asphalt parking lot.

Sealcoating the asphalt pavement with our slurry sealcoat that we developed after years in the Pavement Contractor business in Tampa will make sure you’re parking lot is always protected and make sure your asphalt pavement gives you years of worry free service. We’re going to tell you why great asphalt parking lots that are well kept can enhance your business. That’s right, it’s called curb appeal by realtors and it applies to your parking lot as well. Freshly sealed asphalt parking lots look as good as the day they were installed.

We have some interesting facts about beautiful asphalt vs. unsightly asphalt that will surprise you and they’re backed up by scientific studies. If you’re a landlord you’ll be able to charge more for your rent, and we’ll tell you how to get your tenants to gladly help you pay for sealing.

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