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At Florida Asphalt Solutions, we take pride in delivering top-notch pavement solutions to our commercial clients. Our recent project at River Ridge High School & Middle School in Florida is a testament to our commitment to quality and excellence. In this spotlight, we delve into the details of this project, showcasing our expertise in sealcoating and striping, ensuring a durable and aesthetically pleasing pavement for the school community.

Project Overview

The Client’s Needs

River Ridge High School & Middle School required a pavement refurbishment to enhance the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of their grounds. The school sought a reliable partner to perform sealcoating and striping to rejuvenate the existing pavement.

Our Solution

We proposed a comprehensive sealcoating and striping solution to meet the school’s needs, ensuring a timely and efficient project execution.

After Sealcoating

The Sealcoating Process

Sealcoating is crucial in preserving the asphalt pavement, protecting it from environmental wear and tear.


Preparation is key in sealcoating. Our team meticulously cleaned the surface to ensure optimal adhesion of the sealcoat.


Our skilled technicians applied a high-quality sealcoat, creating a robust protective layer over the existing asphalt.

The Striping Process

Striping is not only essential for aesthetic appeal but also for safety and organization.

Layout and Design

We devised a clear and organized layout for parking spaces, pedestrian crosswalks, and other crucial markings.


Precision in execution ensured clear, durable, and professional-looking markings.

After Sealcoating

Challenges Overcome

Every project presents its set of challenges. Here’s how we navigated through the hurdles to deliver a satisfactory outcome.

Weather Constraints

Florida’s weather can be unpredictable, but our team was well-prepared to work around the weather challenges ensuring timely project completion.

Ensuring School Operations Remain Uninterrupted

We orchestrated the project phases to ensure minimal disruption to the school’s daily operations.

The Outcome

The result was a rejuvenated, safe, and well-organized pavement that enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the school premises.

During Sealcoating

Client Feedback

The River Ridge High School & Middle School administration expressed their satisfaction with the quality, efficiency, and the professional conduct of our team.

Why Choose Florida Asphalt Solutions?

Our dedication to delivering quality and meeting client expectations shines through in projects like these. Whether it’s a school, a commercial establishment, or a residential community, we are equipped to provide a range of asphalt solutions tailored to meet your needs.


This project at River Ridge High School & Middle School underscores our capability and commitment to providing top-tier pavement solutions. Contact us to learn how we can help rejuvenate your pavement, ensuring safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

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