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“Commercial Asphalt Parking Lots in Tampa” are a good choice for a parking lot in Tampa, because we don’t have the frost freeze cycles like they do up north. Asphalt parking lots are easily repaired and we always suggest a scheduled maintenance program to keep your asphalt looking like new for many years to come. Asphalt parking lots increase your property value and cost about half as much as concrete parking lots.

New asphalt parking lot

Florida Asphalt Solutions is a good choice to do your asphalt parking lot. Florida Asphalt Solution’s has an excellent record with the BBB and we’re State Certified General Contractors.

Florida Asphalt Solution’s can handle all of your asphalt needs like spillways and underground utility repairs if needed. Florida Asphalt Solutions provides free written estimates and consultations before bidding any work. Florida Asphalt Solution’s is a Local Asphalt Paving Contractor in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.

How long do Asphalt parking lots last in Florida? Properly installed asphalt parking lots should last 25-30 years, with good care and maintenance. Asphalt overlays (asphalt paving over existing asphalt) can be expected to last 7-15 years; the durability of an overlay is largely dependent on the condition of the original asphalt pavement and stability of the base underneath.

Florida Asphalt Solutions will do warranty work on my Asphalt parking lot after it’s installed. We’ll give you the finest warranty in the asphalt industry on materials and workmanship for asphalt paving and repairs. Asphalt maintenance is a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Asphalt parking lot on new Publix parking lot

Are Asphalt parking lots hard to install? This depends on the scope of the asphalt work being done. Asphalt jobs will vary from simple repairs, to asphalt maintenance or asphalt overlays. We’ll give you a timeline before we begin any work and we’ll keep the schedule a long as weather permits.

We’re responsible for permits if Florida Asphalt Solutions installs your asphalt parking lot and we can permit and handle all phases of the asphalt paving and any other work that needs to be completed to finish your asphalt parking lot on time. We will need access to water and power in some cases. If need be, we can provide both.

For the first 6-12 months after asphalt is installed, it will be the time when it’s most susceptible to damage. The most common occurrence is some cosmetic surface scuffing from wheels on extremely heavy trucks that turn sharply. They will fade over time as the asphalt parking lot cures and becomes more durable. You should make sure that there are no corrosive liquids on the asphalt like gasoline or transmission fluid because they will cause damage to the surface of the asphalt.

Commercial Asphalt Parking Lots in Tampa can be used within 3 days in our hot weather in Florida, because heat is escaping the newly laid asphalt. You can walk on asphalt right away, but be careful of sharp objects which can penetrate the asphalt when it is freshly laid.

Asphalt overlay is applying asphalt paving that’s approximately 2 inches thick over existing asphalt that’s cracked or has a poor appearance. We won’t recommend asphalt overlays for asphalt parking lots that are severely cracked or uneven.

We can tell you whether or not an asphalt overlay will be appropriate for your existing asphalt parking lot. Overlays cost less than asphalt replacement, but will usually only last about ten to fifteen years.

New asphalt parking lots should be sealed in the first 24 months and after that, at least every 3 to 4 years. Filling cracks in the asphalt will be necessary as

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