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Asphalt Maintenance is important because your asphalt parking lot will be the first thing your business prospects see, and an old asphalt parking lot with pot holes, cracks, and grass growing in the pavement cracks doesn’t send a positive message about your business.

Asphalt parking lots in Florida will require periodic asphalt maintenance to keep them looking inviting to your customers, and your asphalt parking lot is not expensive to maintain when maintained regularly.

Key Steps for Proper Asphalt Maintenance

This is a list of things we look for to keep your asphalt parking lot maintained properly that will save you money and enhance your property:

Regular Inspections

We’ll inspect your asphalt regularly for cracks, fading of the pavement line markings, and uneven trip hazards.


Sealcoating your asphalt will add years to the life of your parking lot. Every two to three years is a good rule of thumb, unless the asphalt is damaged by cars and trucks with gas and oil leaks, as well as heavy commercial vehicles.

Weather Considerations

Asphalt sealcoating should only be performed in the right weather conditions. The air temperature should be at least 50°F while the asphalt is being sealed and for at least 8 hours after sealing.

Traffic Management

Keeping all traffic off freshly sealed asphalt surfaces for 24 hours is important after any seal work or asphalt line painting is performed. We place clearly marked barricades and signs on the sections of asphalt that have been sealed to keep traffic away.

Regular Repairs

Asphalt maintenance on a regular basis will double the life of your asphalt parking lot. We’ll repair any cracks in your asphalt that are ¼-inch wide or 1” deep as a rule of thumb.

Addressing Birdbaths

We will repair birdbaths in asphalt parking lots, which will become potholes overtime.

Fixing Drainage and Sub-Base Issues

We’ll repair low spots, improper drainage, and sub-base damage before resurfacing asphalt parking lots.

ADA Compliance

We’ll make sure to follow ADA guidelines, so your asphalt parking lot will always have the correct number of handicapped-accessible parking areas, as well as van parking spaces.

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